Our Shirts

“What are you doing for others?” MLK
One of the most valuable questions ever asked.

A percentage of the profits from our shirts, challenge, honor, rescue, encourage and nature, goes to a few carefully selected charities where most of the donated dollar is actually aiding those in need.

Our ability to allocate to these non-profits is the result of our customers’ support.
When we give, it is with thanks to you for believing in our efforts.

Convey a message, choose a cause, change a life.

Because we’re not just a bunch of words…

In our beginning, our focus was to stand true to our biggest concern, being eco friendly, by choosing a middle ground between t-shirts and ink. We loved the garment dyed colors, yet still knew we were not offering a product that was best for our Earth.

Due to manufacturing obstacles this year, (I think it’s called it a blessing in disguise) we are re-creating our wheel and with that, we have phased out of these colors and replaced them all with 100% organic, American made t-shirts. Yes, the colors will be limited but we cannot bear to be part of the burden on our environment. 

The ink remains the same being water based. The by product of the ingredients are non toxic, lead free and contain no volatile solvents.

Our packaging and business cards also dance in the same circle of awareness being recycled and printed with non toxic inks.

“But what if I fall? Oh, but my Darling, what if you fly?”
Soar with us… invitation open.