Partner with Us

We have found that our designs appeal to both for-profit corporate enterprises and non-profit organizations. Each slogan is an invitation, a suggestion, a simple face-lift; and all slogans are the property of MUSE mountain™.

From addressing the savage disease of cancer to Alzheimer’s to acknowledging the many debilitating illnesses and fear-based mindsets that are polarizing the population, as well as honoring our earth and it’s creatures, we intend that our slogans will be used to softly speak, suggest, lift, support and unite. The power of “positive” is the balcony for prayer.

Your cause, your logo, your colors, our slogan—and we’re holding hands and making a difference.

Soon to Come:

Silence silence (women’s domestic violence)
Doubt doubt
Fear fear
Risk risk
Discriminate discrimination
Wholly holy

Praise praise
Empower power
Mother mother (yes, earth)
Tempt temptation
Excuse excuses